Being a Me & a We

In relationships, as humans we struggle to learn how to find a balance between honoring ourselves and considering others. Most of us find doing one is much easier or more acceptable than another.  Some people know what they want and go after it no matter what, but can get in trouble in their relationships because they forget to consider how this drive affects others.  While some consider others so much that they don't know what they want anymore, they put themselves aside to make another happy.  Each situation has struggles and benefits.  My goal is to help people find the balance.  As humans we are not designed to be alone, we need some sort of relationship through family, friends, lovers, etc.  But we also need to have some sense of self.  This sense of self provides confidence, satisfaction, and pride. 

Finding the balance between honoring self and considering other is part of many of my counseling sessions and one of the foundational thoughts in my Holding Onto Me while Being a We group.  Please feel free to contact me to learn more about exploring this topic.