Journey to Motherhood

Becoming a Mother has many forms and paths.  Between the struggle or ease of getting pregnant or having a child join you in family to the every day highs and lows of helping raise, teach, love and empower a child, the journey is not easy.  This journey will teach you about yourself and test your patience and ego.  This journey will grow your heart and hurt it.  It is a journey like none other. 

The journey can be isolating and community building.  It can also provide experiences of deep judgment from self and others.  For some the journey provides a place of belonging and support. 

However your journey started, is now or ended, I would love to sit with you, helping you find your own path and support.  My personal and professional experience strives to provide a safe space for honesty about the good, bad, and ugly that comes with the motherhood experience.  These experiences also provide tools and resources to help you continue to grow to be your whole self with mindfulness and compassion.